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A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders
by Joseph K H Koh
  Batik Golden Web Spider
Nephila antipodiana (Walckenaer) 1841
close-up of abomen showing batik pattern
The female has completely black palps and legs, without any red or yellow joints. On the underside (not shown in photo), there is a strong conical tubercle near the mouth. The sternum is decorated with seven yellow spots on the edge. Spins a web with a yellowish tinge. Classification: Family Araneidae,
Orb-Web Spiders.
Habitat: Gardens and waste-lands, edges of mangrove swamps. Less common in primary forests.
Female: 30 mm.
Male: 9 mm.
Distribution: Singapore (new record), Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines.

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  From "A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders" by Joseph K. H. Koh
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