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A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders
by Joseph K H Koh
  Kerengga Ant-Like Jumper
Myrmarachne plantaleoides (Pickard-Cambridge) 1869
close-up of spider mimic of red ants
For more about ant-mimicking Jumping Spiders of the genus Myrmarachne and Agorius
and ant-mimicking Sac Spiders Castianerira and Apochinomma.
Classification: Family Salticidae, Jumping Spiders
Habitat: Trees and shrubs where the "Kerengga" ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) can be found.
Female: 6-7 mm.
Male: 6-7 mm (total length of male, including jaws: 9-12 mm).
Distribution: Singapore (new record), Thailand, Sri Lanka, India.
  From "A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders" by Joseph K. H. Koh
BP Guide to Nature Series published by the Singapore Science Centre and sponsored by British Petroleum
© 2000 Joseph K H Koh