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A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders
by Joseph K H Koh
  Pear-Shaped Leucauge
Opadometa fastigata (Simon) 1877
close-up of female showing orange abdomen
The web is a large horizontally-placed orb structure with a diameter of more than a metre.

Active in the daytime.
Classification: Family Tetragnathidae, Big-Jawed Spiders.
Habitat: Wooded areas.
Female: 8-9 mm.
Male: 3 mm.
Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India.
diagram of hairy fourth legThe entire web is often suspended by several long strands of silk attached to branches and leaves nearby.

This species is separated from other Leucauge spiders in Singapore by its pear-shaped abdomen and its unique fourth leg (right). In addition to the two rows of curved hairs (characteristic of Leucauge), this leg also has a thick brush of spines which are not present in most other species of Leucauge.
Members of the species Leucauge silvery or golden spots on the abdomen.
  From "A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders" by Joseph K. H. Koh
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