A Field Guide to Common Marine Fishes of Singapore

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Kelvin K P Lim and Jeffrey K Y Low

We thank Professor T. J. Lam (Director, School of Biological Sciences, NUS), A/Prof. Chou Loke Ming (Director, Tropical Marine Science Initiative, NUS), Mrs. Yang Chang Man (Scientific Officer, Zoological Reference Collection, School of Biological Sciences, NUS) and the Singapore Science Centre for giving us the valuable opportunity and resources to produce this little book. Prof. Lam also kindly agreed to write the foreword.

Peter K. L. Ng and Mrs. Anne Danaraj first initiated this project and helped with editing. Tan Heok Hui provided enthusiastic assistance in photography. Tan Koh Siang, Serena Teo, Eunice low, Jennifer Hu, Sin Tsai Min, Regina Teo, Tay Joe Boy, David Lee and Henry and Christine Tang obtained many specimens for the ZRC from their leisure angling trips. N. Sivasothi, Alvin Wong, Wang Luan Keng, Choong Mei Fun, Yeo Keng Loo, Ang Beng Soon, Lua Hui Kheng, James A. Guna, Karenne Tun, Daphne Chung, Diana Chia, lim Liang Jim, Uma Sachidhanandam, Tan Swee Hee, Cynthia Lee, Tan Teck Hui, Mabel Manjaji, Ng Heok Hee and many others also contributed fish and other forms of assistance. Tommy Tan Han Tong and Kelvin's parents obtained market specimens for photography. Thanks to Alex Ip and Wong Wai Peng for loan of mudskippers. Eric Lua helped with the book design. Peter Ng and Tan Koh Siang contributed many useful comments.

Jack Randall, Helen Larson, Peter Last, leonard Compagno, Gerry Allen, Keiichi Matsuura, John Paxton, Tyson Roberts, Rolly McKay, Chavalit Vidthayanon, Lynne Parenti, Bruce Collette, Thosaporn Wongratana, Tom Munroe and Mourice Kottelat are among the many distinguished fish taxonomists whom we had the privilege to meet. For us, they have provided valuable guidance and encouragement.

Kelvin Lim acknowideges the research grants RTF/016/92 from the Singapore Institute of Biology, and RP960314 from the National University of Singapore to Dr. Peter Ng for funding this project.
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From A Guide to Common Marine Fishes of Singapore by Kelvin K P Lim and Jeffrey K Y Low
Published by the Singapore Science Centre and sponsored by BP

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