A Field Guide to Common Marine Fishes of Singapore

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Kelvin K P Lim and Jeffrey K Y Low
amphibious: living both on land and water.
benthic: living on the sea bottom.
brackish: mixture of fresh- and sea-water.
carnivorous: flesh-eating.
creek: small stream.
confluent: joined, continuous.
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Parts of different types of fish

sea bass

Different types of
mouth, fins and scales
dorsal: pertaining to upper side of body.
estuarine: of the river mouth where sea water mixes with freshwater.
euryhaline: able to live in freshwater and seawater.
filament: slender, threadlike process.
herbivorous: eating only plant matter.
hyaline: translucent.
interorbital: between the eyes.
keel: a sharp ridge.
lateral: pertaining to the side.
lateral line: series of sensory pores along side of body.
membrane: thin, flexible sheet or film.
nape: part of neck or shoulders adjoining the skull.
omnivorous: eating both plant and animal matter.
operculum: gill cover.
ovate: egg-shaped.
orbicular: circular in outline.
oviparous: laying eggs that hatch outside the mother's body.
ovoviviparous: producing eggs that hatch inside the mother's body
papilla: small protuberance.
pelagic: inhabiting open water above the substrate.
piscivorous: feeding on fish.
planktivorous: feeding on plankton.
polychaete: a class of segmented marine worrns with bristles.
rostral: pertaining to the snout.
scute: bony plate or shield.
serrae: series of saw-like teeth or notches.
spiracle: opening behind eyes of sharks and rays.
tubercle: small swelling or rounded projection.
ventral: pertaining to underside of body.
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