A Field Guide to Common Marine Fishes of Singapore

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Kelvin K P Lim and Jeffrey K Y Low

Fish are a significant feature in the everyday life of most Singaporeans. We eat them for our meals, we keep them as pets in aquariums, and we catch them for leisure. In all these interactions with fish, the inevitable enquiry always surfaces, "... what fish is that?".

This book is a visual guide to fishes we can expect to find in the coastal drainages and sea around Singapore. Of the 800 or so species of marine fish recorded from Singapore, 200 species are illustrated here and each is accompanied by a short diagnosis.

I hope this introduction to Singapore's diverse marine fish life will help to generate interest in natural history, and care for our environment, among people of all ages. Its publication is timely for The United Nations has designated 1998 as 'The Year of the Ocean' in recognition of the need to protect and conserve our marine environment and its natural resources. I would like to congratulate the authors for producing this useful guidebook.

Professor Lam Toong Jin
Director, School of Biological Sciences
The National University of Singapore
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From A Guide to Common Marine Fishes of Singapore by Kelvin K P Lim and Jeffrey K Y Low
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