field guide to the freshwater fishes of singapore

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Kelvin K P Lim and Peter K L Ng
  Family Nandidae
South American, Africa, Asia. These are deep bodied, often laterally compressed fishes occurring in tropical freshwaters. They are often dubbed "leaf fishes" because most of them are cryptically coloured to resemble dead leaves.

Genus Nandus

photo of whole fish, side viewLeaf Fish
Nandus nebulosus
Ikan Daun Kering, name in chinese characters

Primarily freshwater fish; 7 cm; oviparous; carnivorous; solitary; near-bottom to bottom dweller. Indigenous, endangered. Forest streams and reservoirs.

This fish sometimes tries to mimic both in appearance and behaviour, a floating piece of dead leaf. This camouflage is very effective for ambushing small fishes as well as concealment against predators.
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