field guide to the freshwater fishes of singapore

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General parts of a fish
Kelvin K P Lim and Peter K L Ng
  Family Aplocheilidae
This small family of sometimes colourful species is distributed throughout Southern Asia. (For more about the toothcarp group).

Genus Aplocheilus
photo of whole fish, side view
Photo: Yip Hoi Kee
Panchax or Whitespot
Aplocheilus panchax
Ikan Kepala Timah, name in chinese characters

Euryhaline; 8 cm. oviparous; omnivorous; gregarious; mainly surface dwelling. Indigenous,
common. Forest and rural streams, drains, ponds, reservoirs and mangrove creeks.
This remarkably adaptable fish is easily recognised by the shiny white spot on the head (right). It can tolerate and thrive in both fresh and salt water, and is about the only fish one finds in the hot springs of Sembawang and Pulau Tekong. It feeds mainly on insects, and is a pretty and useful fish for controlling mosquito-breeding where it occurs.
photo of dorsal view of head
Photo: Tan Bee Hong
Freshwater habitats
Fishes in Singapore
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