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Kelvin K P Lim and Peter K L Ng
  Family Parakysidae
A recently established family of South East Asian catfishes with only one genus and two known species. The species have distinctly warty skins and cryptic coloration.

Genus Parakysis
photo of whole fish, side view
Photo: Tan Bee Hong
Little Warty Catfish
Parakysis verrucosus
Ikan Depu, name in chinese characters

3 cm; oviparous; carnivorous (on small organisms); solitary; benthic.
Indigenous, endangered. Forest streams.

This secretive fish is found in fairly fast waters, and has a habit of concealing itself amongst thick tangles of aquatic vegetation, or under leaf litter. It moves by hobbling about with its dextrous pair of pelvic fins. The first ray of the pectoral and dorsal fins are sharp spines which can inflict a painful prick if the animal is carelessly handled, but it is apparently not venomous. It has no adipose fin. This fish is present only in a few streams in parts of the catchment area. It is also known from Johore.
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