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Kelvin K P Lim and Peter K L Ng
  Family Cyprinidae
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Genus Cyprinus
photo of whole fish, side view

photo of pair of common carps
Photo: Francis Lim
Common Carp
Cyprinus carpio
Ikan Lee Koh,
name in chinese characters

Primarily freshwater fish; 100 cm; oviparous; omnivorous; solitary or gregarious; near-bottom dweller.

Introduced, common pond-culture fish. Rural ponds and reservoirs.
photo of a variety of carpThe portly carp is usually dark olive. It has a long history of association with man (since before 1,000 BC), having been introduced to many parts of the world, and many domesticated varieties have been produced, of which the kaleidoscopic Koi is the most well known. Its origins are uncertain.

The breeding and sale of high quality Koi with good pedigree is a booming business here. The Koi is the national fish of Japan. Although wild carps have been known to breed in the tropics, it does not seem to have established itself as a feral fish in Singapore. The carp is a long-lived fish, with a life-span of 40 to 50 years (there is even one that is supposed to be 200 years old in Japan) being recorded for some captive specimens. Unlike the goldfish, the carp has a pair of barbels. Because of its long history with man, there is much folklore associated with the carp.
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