field guide to the freshwater fishes of singapore

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Kelvin K P Lim and Peter K L Ng
  Family Cyprinidae
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Genus Carasius
photo of whole fish, side view
Photo: Yip Hoi Kee
Carasius auratus

Ikan Emas, name in chinese characters

Primarily freshwater fish; 20 cm; oviparous; omnivorous; gregarious; midwater to near-bottom dweller.
Introduced, commonly cultivated. Rural ponds.

The goldfish has a long history of association with man. As a result, there is much folklore associated with it. It has been domesticated into a multitude of odd shapes and sizes, much more so than the carp. Ornamental fish farmers in Singapore produce goldfish varieties in large quantities, and the individuals which are slightly deformed or not of the right colour are culled, and used for the feeder-fish industry. The occasional goldfish has been introduced into ponds, or even into canals. Unlike the carp, it does not have barbels.
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From A Guide to Common Freshwater Fishes of Singapore by Kelvin K P Lim and Peter K L Ng
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