field guide to the freshwater fishes of singapore

Index of fishes
General parts of a fish
Kelvin K P Lim and Peter K L Ng

Thanks are due to many colleagues who made this apparently "simple" guide book possible. We are indebted to Mr Eric Alfred for agreeing to write the foreword, as well as spending many hours going over the manuscript with us and making useful suggestions. Comments and suggestions by Dr Maurice Kottelat (Munich Museum), Mr Michael Tweedie (former director of the Raffles Museum) and Prof Lam Toong Jin (National University of Singapore) have improved the quality of the book a great deal. We have tried our best to incorporate the many useful (but sometimes conflicting) suggestions offered by our reviewers. We, however, accept full responsibility for some of the compromises that inevitably have to be made in the nomenclature.

Assistance with literature, locating specimens, comments etc. by Mrs Yang Chang Man and the staff of the Zoological Reference Collection, Mr Francis Lim, Dr Leo Tan, Dr Ho Hua Chew, Dr Victor Savage, Dr Susan Lim, Dr Angus Munro, Ms Ho Wai Hoong, Mr Ang Beng Soon, Mr Sutari Supari, Mr Chia Chee Hing, Mr See Swee Leng, Mr Ho Phang Phow, Mr Richard Yeong, Ms Nor'Aini Abdullah, Mr R Subharaj, Mr Lim Kim Seng, Mr Lim Kim Chuah, Ms Pamela Burgess, Ms Cynthia Lee, Ms Zairinah and Mr Y Faizal is gratefully acknowledged. Mrs Yap Oi Yee expertly prepared the fish skulls used for the photographs. The editorial help provided by Ms Joyce Foo helped get this book into shape. The second author also wishes to thank his wife Siew Leng for helping with the manuscript and compiling the general index

Photographs taken by various people other than the authors include: Tan Bee Hong (Singapore Science Centre), Yip Hoi Kee (National University of Singapore), Francis Lim, Yang Swee Ling, Ho Hua Chew, Tan Hong Kim, George Liew and Esther Koh. Their assistance is much appreciated.
Freshwater habitats
Fishes in Singapore
Amazing Fishy Facts
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From A Guide to Common Freshwater Fishes of Singapore by Kelvin K P Lim and Peter K L Ng
Published by the Singapore Science Centre and sponsored by BP

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