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Kelvin K P Lim and Peter K L Ng
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For the Chinese, carps are a favoured food. Many Chinese carps, e.g., Bighead Carp, Grass Carp, and Common Carp are thus painstakingly imported for local pond-culture despite the presence of other large local fish, which are just as worthy of culture.

Culture of freshwater food fish is not a major activity in Singapore, most of the fishes being more conveniently imported from the neighbouring countries. Some rural areas have fish ponds in which imported fish fry are raised to marketable sizes. Cultured fishes include the various species of carps, sultan fishes, barbs and snakeheads.

The flesh of several species, viz., the Walking Catfish, Snakehead and the Swamp Eel are said to have medicinal powers. These are naturally hardy and tough fishes, being able to survive transportation with limited water. Their (especially the snakehead's) resilience seems to endear them to Chinese and sometimes, even Malay medicine. Soups and dishes made from these fishes are reported to be able to cure many ailments. In fact, snakehead soup is popularly prescribed by Chinese physicians for post-operation patients.
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