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The Substation presents "SeptFest 2004: Artists & Other Animals"
Visual Art Show, Forum & Fair
Regional Animalities Part I
Visual Art Show
The Substation Gallery
1-5 September 11am - 9pm daily
Free Admission

A five day, video, sound, performance and philosophical
exploration into our everyday relationships with meat
and the killing of animals for food
by Zai Kuning & Yuen Chee Wai.

Humanimal Forum
The Substation Guinness Theatre
Saturday 11 September: 3 topics/sessions
10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, 4pm-6pm
Free Admission

A lively dialogue with over twenty invited scientists, artists, academics, activists, TV & media workers & public personalities in discussion of:
Captive Animals, Captive Audiences & Captive Imaginations
- Human-Animal relationships in Singapore & Southeast Asia.

Regional Animalities Part II
Visual Art Show
The Substation Gallery, Blue Room and Garden
11-26 September 11am - 9pm daily
Official Opening 7pm, 11 September
Free Admission

Artists from Singapore and Malaysia explore various aspects of
human-animal relationships. Besides raising awareness about
specific issues, they explore ways in which animals provide
raw materials for our symbolic order, our dreams
and urban imagination - putting pressure on the
boundaries between animals and humans.

Humanimal Fair & Small Animal Adoption Drive
Venue: The Substation Garden
11 September 3pm-7pm
Free Admission

Hang out in The Substation Garden with animal and conservation organisations to music by Zai Kuning, EMOT, Yee Chang Kang and UBlues. Animal adoption, conservation and environmental concerns, celebrity talk show, a durational tree-dwelling, orang utan nest-building performance, auctions, races for charity, elephant totems armbands, temporary animal tattoo, opening party of the Regional Animalities part 2.

In collaboration with focas, Forum on Contemporary Art & Society, this project seeks to initiate what is hoped will be an ongoing dialogue between environmentalists, animal groups, artists, theorists and interested public about the ways in which human-animal relationships are imagined, represented and performed in the region

For media enquiries please contact Audrey Wong on 6337 7535 or email audrey@substation.org,
or Lucy Davis, curator, on 9276 0796 or email focas@pacific.net.sg

Some of the input from this project will be published in a
forthcoming issue of the
focas publication entitled Regional Animalities.

Editor: Forum On Contemporary Art & Society [focas]
hp 9276 0796

focas, Forum on Contemporary Art & Society,
is a not-for-profit dialogue and publishing initiative that engages issues
of contemporary art, politics and social change
- primarily but not exclusively - in Singapore and Southeast Asia.
focas is dedicated to interdisciplinary, critical exchange
among scholars, activists and practitioners.

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