The Substation presents "SeptFest 2004: Artists & Other Animals"

Visual Art Show: Regional Animalities, Part II
The Substation Gallery, Blue Room and Garden,
11-26 September 11am - 9pm daily
Official Opening 7pm, 11 September

Participating Artists
Chang Yoong Chia, Tian Chua, Paul Lincoln, Annette Notfors,
Colin Reaney, Rizman Putra, Teresa Teo Guttensohn, Andree Weschler & Joshua Yang.

Some Highlights
Teresa Teo Guttensohn will conduct a durational performance where she will
nest for an extended period of time in a tree in The Substation Garden.
Her performance draws upon mythological tropes of Women & Apes,
including the contemporary icons Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey,
Birute Galdikas - the anthropologist Dr Louis Leakey's "Angels" -
while highlighting the nest building practice of our region's last great ape--the Orang Utan.

Tian Chua presents a meticulous diary of his relationships with insects,
compiled during a more involuntary period of contemplation.
Chua's Malaysian, "field diary" also recalls the often
violent dissection of Natural History under the Colonial gaze.

Joshua Yang has constructed a contemporary fable creature
- a human-sized mutant called Chick-Zilla,
who surveys and processes the comings and goings
of the world with nodding wisdom.

In collaboration with focas, Forum on Contemporary Art & Society, this project seeks to initiate what is hoped will be an ongoing dialogue between environmentalists, animal groups, artists, theorists and interested public about the ways in which human-animal relationships are imagined, represented and performed in the region

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