The Substation presents "SeptFest 2004: Artists & Other Animals"

Visual Art Show: Regional Animalities, Part I
The Substation Gallery
1-5 September 11am - 9pm daily
Free Admission

Zai Kuning and Yuen Chee Wai will conduct a five day, video, sound, performance and philosophical exploration
into our everyday relationships with meat and the killing of animals for food.

Sleeping Dogs Lie on The Causeway, Chickzilla the Mutant Battery Chick, Women and Apes in Trees on Hills,
Hairy Virgins, Furry Landscapes, Interrogatory Insects,
A Conference of Birds, Elephants in Exile and Dancing on Egg Shells in The Jungles of our Dreams.

Artists from Singapore and Malaysia have been invited to explore various aspects of human-animal relationships for this show.
Alongside raising awareness for particular animal and conservation issues, the works explore ways in which animals
provide raw materials for our symbolic order, our dreams and urban imagination-putting pressure
on the boundaries between animals and humans.

In collaboration with focas, Forum on Contemporary Art & Society, this project seeks to initiate what is hoped will be an ongoing dialogue between environmentalists, animal groups, artists, theorists and interested public about the ways in which human-animal relationships are imagined, represented and performed in the region

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