The official launch of
"24-Beneath a Rainbow Sea - pictorial almanac"

and the world premier of the feature documentary,
"24-Hours Beneath a Rainbow Sea"


Wednesday, 19th July 2000: 7 to 9 pm
National Library Courtyard
Stamford Road,


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Source: Press Release; thanks Ria. 

Habitatnews subscribers will remember Michael Aw, from his last presentation about the plight of the Napolean Wrasse and Green Turtle [Habitatnews 2000-08]. Brought down in March by Sylvia Low & friends, he offered the audience then a sneak preview of "24-hours beneath the sea". Now catch him at the official launch of the video and the book.

This official launch celebrates the production of the world’s first 24 hour documentation of life on a coral reef; the book and feature documentary are based on the observation of a submerged coral reef system, Maaya Thila, in the Maldives as seen through the eyes of the 24-hour dive team. All the images are actually captured between 10 to 11 April, 1999, 12 noon to 12 noon. The 44 team members led by Michael AW are made up of scientists, film makers, photographers and diving specialists from 15 nations Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Germany, Taiwan, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Maldives, Spain, Japan, Sri Lanka, Holland and the USA

The energy and enchantment of a unique marine reserve in the Maldives is beautifully revealed in the artistic imagery of the pictorial almanac and film. Viewers will be awestruck by the excitement and tribulation of the team in the Off Stage segments;

The book and film show the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of sharks, octopus, eels, snappers, turtles, clownfish and their neighbourhood of critters. Relive the 24-hour odyssey in a metropolis of marine animals and indulge in the glory and colours of Planet Earth's rainbow realm.

This is a special world preview of the feature documentary produces for National Geographic Channel Asia. The limited edition almanac has been selected as Gift of State for the Maldives Year 2000 project celebration. Limited author autographed copies available at the launch; the almanac is beautifully encapsulated in 6 colour printing process, case-bound, 168 pages &emdash; 300mm x 251mm S$60

For more information,
Tel/fax: 61 2 9686 3688



This time Michael and his cast of forty-four took on something HUGE - digital video, stills and incredibly, managed to broadcast the whole 24 hour event live on the internet! No mean feat. I believe it is especially important for divers and non-divers alike to discover what actually lives under the water. What the creatures look like, their habits, characters - only by seeing and learning to love this fascinating and wonderful environment, will we encourage enough people to help us save it. Why would you save something you do not know about or have never seen? This book is a recording of the remarkable and captivating animals living on Maaya Thila, just one little reef system in the entire chain of 26 atolls making up the Maldives' unique underwater biodiversity. Not only is the Maldives an extraordinarily beautiful place, it is also exceptional because it has recognised the importance of its underwater environment and has protected it. If more countries could do the same, we would be taking one more small step toward rescuing this wonderful planet.

With this almanac, plus the feature documentary and the coverage on the internet, Michael and his team has showed the world just what is possible. In the word of Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has,"

Sue Crowe
Scuba Diver Magazine

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