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International Coastal Cleanup Singapore 2003 - Mangrove 13 Sep - Beaches 20, 21 Sep 2003.
The Hopea sangal tree: Sculpture Symposium,
Public invitation: Sun 14 Sep 2003 - Daily progress.
Nature Society (Singapore)'s "
Trees provide" series of posters.

Nature Day 2003 - Nature at Our Doorstep (TV12: Thursdays, 9.30pm) - Biodiversity of SIngapore Symposium 2003 - Sembawang Heritage June 2003 - WildSingapore launched - SARS and the killing of strays: Animal welfare groups contest the reasons and method - Fossil fern found: Dipteris conjugata on Pulau Sarimbun, 19 Apr 2003 - Fun & games at Ubin Daze 2003, 18-20 April 2003.

URA Draft Master Plan 2003. On exhibition at the URA Gallery - North Region from 27 Mar - 16 Apr. Will be followed by North-East (Apr-May), East (May-Jun), Central (Jun-Jly). North Region launch, press release, 27 March 2003 - West Region launch, speech by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, 28 Feb 2003 - Draft Master Plan 2003 launch, press release, 28 Feb 2003.

URA/NParks Draft Concept Plans - speech by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, 22 Jan 2003. Subject Group reports and the URA/NParks responses can be downloaded here.

20 November - The grand old Hopea sangal: thought to be extinct, rediscovered in September 2002, but has now been cut down!
21 November - Launch of Chua Ee Kiam's latest book, "
Chek Jawa: Discovering Singapore's biodiversity".
19 November - 2002 BP Singapore Science Centre Guidebooks launched:
Urban Creatures & Liverworts and Hornworts of Singapore.
22 October -
URA Parks & Waterbodies Plan: feedback closed, but exhibition open to year-end.
28 September -
Nature Society (Singapore)'s Public Forum on URA Parks & Waterbodies Plan - all are invited!
27 September - Heritage webpages newly established -
A Changi Heritage, A Kent Ridge Heritage.
23 September -
Nominate a Heritage tree - nominate a tree with cultural, historical or biodiversity significance!
14 & 21 September -
International Coastal Cleanup Singapore 2002
23 July 2002 - Minister of State Vivian Balakrishnan launches
The Parks & Waterbodies Plan and Identity Plan Exhibition.
1 July 2002 - the Ministry for the Environment (ENV) launched a new statutory board, the
National Environment Agency (NEA). ENV will focus on setting long-term policy directions while NEA will implement and operate environmental policies.
Ubin & Chek Jawa reprieve,
14 Jan 02.

Feedback invited - Draft Singapore Green Plan 2012, 10 Nov 01.
Two new nature reserves,
10 Nov 01.
The Raffles Museum opens her doors once again - launch of the Public Gallery,
15 Jun 01.
Mangroves of Singapore guidebooks now online,
17 Apr 01.
Satellite image of Singapore from CRISP.
Apr 01.

WWF Living Planet Report launched, 20 Oct 00 [download].
NSS' new and first lady president,
4 Aug 00
Noah's Ark Lodge loses tender bid,
16 Jun 00
Second Smooth Otter cub at Sungei Buloh Nature Park!
20 May 00

Chek Jawa and Pulau Ubin, what does your heart tell you? by Tan Choon Ming, 6th August 2001

Comments on the satellite image of Singapore, by B. Y. Tang, 23rd April 2001.

Fishing in our reservoirs - for better or for worse", by N. Sivasothi, 18th December 2000. Fishing in three central reservoirs may have adverse ecological impact, by B. Y. Tang, 20th December 2000
NSS' Nature Day 2000 - impressions,
1st May 2000

Activities, Seminars & Events

Jan - Mar
Lower Peirce Boardwalk for
NSS members, 16th March 2002.
Labrador Park Rocky Shore for
NSS members, 10th February 2001

Mar - Jun
Singapore Library Festival,
April 2002.
Eco@Woodlands series,
April - September 2002.
Museum Fest 2002 - Suntec City,
24 - 26 May 2002.
Nature Day 2002,
25 May - 27 May.
Briskwalks - MacRitchie to Bukit Timah in 2 hours.
Sundays in June 2002.

Biking in Ubin -
Sundays in July 2002.
Kent Ridge, a heritage, for NUS Staff and Habitat Group,
August 2002.
11th International Coastal Cleanup Singapore,
September 2002.

Oct - Dec
A Sunday morning walk at Sungei Buloh Nature Park for
NSS members, December 2001, 2002.

Slide talks & Seminars
The newsletter includes notices of relevant slidetalks but you can bookmark these sources: The Nature Society (Singapore) Webpage does coordinate public talks which would be usually held at the Ang Mo Kio Community Library, at 7.15pm. Meetings of the Biodiversity and Ecology Journal Club at held at office hours at the National University of Singapore - some of these are semi-technical in nature, and interesting discussions do take place. The Sungei Buloh Nature Park does schedule a public talk on the first Saturday of the month, and this would be listed at the SBNP Calendar of Events.

Some talks are provided with webpage on this site:
"The Ecology and Feeding Behavior of Crustacean-eating Snakes (Homalopsinae) in the Mangrove Forests of Singapore.".
24th August 2001
"Raffles Museum: A story of natural history exploration in Southeast Asia",
30th September 2000
"Crabby tales from the mangrove"
8th August 2000
"24 hours beneath a rainbow sea".
19th July 2000
Nature & conservation in Hong Kong, 21st - 27th June 2000

Nature Day 2001 @ Bugis Junction, 5th to 7th May 2001
Faith & Nature Workshop,
18th March 2001
Operasi Soedarsono Batam 2000,
submissions by 14th August 2000
Photo exhibition on Nature & Conservation in Hong Kong,
21st - 27th June 2000


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