Victor Yue's notes from an Ubin trip

Excerpt from the nature-singapore mailing list
25th September, 1999

Hi folks, This morning, with my family and I joining our company's recreational outing (Treasure Hunt) to Pulau Ubin, I took the opportunity to do some birdwatching and butterfly watching. At the same time, I tried to introduce nature to my colleagues. (^^)

The first sighting was made by my son, Nicki. A snake on the fence that surrounds the disused quarry! Looked like the Paradise Tree Snake.

We took the road towards OBS (Outward Bound School) but turn right following the perimeter of the disused quarry. There were some butterflies. Striped Albatross, Great Eggfly, Grass Yellow, Chocolate Pansy, Common Palmfly, Neptis (Common Sailor?), and Common Mormon. Andrea, I strained my neck looking at the Ixora flowers at the gate of the headman's house. Alas, tak ada (no) Great Mormon. (^^;

While we were walking towards Kg Nordin, across the bridge, many cyclist were turned back because NPark members were burning a bees' (or hornets') nest.

At the Malay Serabat Stall, I heard the loud crackle from the tree above a Malay house (very well kept) diagonally opposite to the Malay Stall. A pair of the Oriental Pied Hornbill was up there, cracking away. Their calls were very distinct. It was quite a treat for some of my colleagues as I pointed out to them that it is not so easy to see them.

As we walked towards the community centre, we spotted three Laced Woodpeckers climbing up a coconut tree. And near to a farm facing the disused school, there was a comotion in a cluster of bushes ... and out of it flew the Straw-headed bulbul.

Well, we did not win anything in the Treasure Hunt (spent too much time looking at this and that, and of course, daughter, Nicole was continuing with her rubber seed collections), but we enjoyed the walk. And say, Edwin and company if you like to collect rubber seeds [well, just for fun for the kids although I think they have much tourism souvenir values, like Texas selling their "bull's shit" (^^)], this is the time. Most of the fruits are cracking up and the seeds are all over the place.

Victor Yue

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