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Emails from 2004-2005

"Dear Pedal Ubin,
Thanks for all the photos and memories. Great Job!
--FEB 2005

"Many thanks from me and my friends for the great morning at Ubin last Saturday. The guides were excellent! Everyone enjoyed it heaps :).. will certainly spread the work about the great thing you guys are doing at Ubin.
--NOV 2004

"Kwang Chin and myself enjoyed ourselves very much. It reminds me of the Kampong days when I was very young. This Pedal Ubin has helped me know more about Ubin both about nature and about the way of life there. Is is indeed an interesting trip. It is also a good opportunity to get some exercise and test our sense of balance on a pedal.For your info, I went to buy a bicycle after we came back from Uin so that I can cycle more often and bring my bicycle to Ubin the next times round.Thank you once again. ^_^Cheers,
Hui Mien"
--OCT 2004

"Question: Did the trip meet your expectations?
Reply: YESH!! At first the journey was quite "smooth" (no slopes) and I though thr programme planned would bepretty dry as we made a lot of stops in between. Before I knoew, found myself starting to enjoy the trip as we have to cycle our way through sloppu area just to get to the next station. That was the fun part! "no pain no gain" haha! It was indeed very challenging and at the same time we get to know ubin better

Question: How did you find the pace? Was it too fast, too slow or just nice?
Reply: At first, it was too slow, after that the pace was great! I love thepart where we have to cycle through the non-cyucling parth on order to reach the next stop. It somehow add a thrill to the education trip.

Question: How did you find the duration of the trip? Was it too long, too short or just nice?
Reply: The duration was just nice!

Question:Would you recommend this trip to others?
-- Chia May, August 2004

"...It was a pleasure joining the Pedal Uin for my first trip to Ubin!!
Thank you very much for all your hadworks!"
--Kit, JUN 2004

"I was yesterday's tour and would like to extend a big thank ou to all of you! I think everybody enjoyed the tour very much and our guides were not only knowledgable but also quite engaging"
--Roland, JUN 2004

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