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News about Ubin and links

The Ubin Thai Buddhist Temple,
(Suwannakhirivanaram temple) is closed (?July 2007).
Photo by Ng Hua Qin.
Read "Goodbye Ubin Thai Temple" by November Tan.

Pulau Ubin Stories
stories, old and new,
about Pulau Ubin, Singapore

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Information, Books, etc on Ubin

Journal Articles

  • Twidale, C. R. & J. A. Bourne, 2003. Origin and Inversion of Fluting in Granitic Rocks. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 50: 543-552. [pdf; 1,480KB]
  • Twidale, C. R. & J. A. Bourne, 2003. Commentary: practices, problems and principles for ecotourism - a case study. Tourism Geographies, 5(4): 482-492. [pdf; 401KB]

Ubin Maps

Information on Cycling and Bicycles

  • FAQ: Cycle Ubin on your own:
  • FAQ: Steps to buying a bicycle? [link]
  • "Advice to newbie mountain bike riders." [link]
  • Basic bicycle maintenance, by Cheang Yew Kee (hosted on SACA)[link]
  • Cycling in Singapore - a blog discussing issues on cycling in Singapore [link]
  • Bicycle rentals in parks [link]

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