Saturday, 17th March 2001

A Saturday evening walk at
the Lower Peirce Boardwalk

with Sivasothi, Alvin Wong, Benjamin Lee & friends

Who is eligible? Members of the Nature Society (Singapore). Not a member? Well you can sign up on the spot, or print the form available here. The newsletter will be late this issue, so the NSS office sent us a soft copy which is posted here.

Meet:Meet at the carpark at the junction of Old Upper Thomson Road and Casuarina Road, near the famous prata shops [Street Directory Map No. 131: B3] at 4pm.

Nine years ago, NSS was instrumental in helping to protect a larger forest area that included this site:

Source: Wee, Y. C. (ed.)., 1992. Proposed Golf Course at Lower Peirce Reservoir. An environmental impact assessment. Nature Society (Singapore), 80pp.

In November 1999, the official opening of the 805m boardwalk through the same forest was such good news! Guests at this event were even treated to the sight of a Malayan Colugo gliding through the trees!

Trip conditions: This trip is suitable for children. Be prepared for rain, for the monsoon is upon us! Bring some mosquito repellent, but apply only if you are very susceptible to mosquitoes.

What to bring: Bring along your nature notebook (brand new notebooks are fine!) and a pencil.

What we will do: We'll take a stroll to observe animals and plants, and learn a little about the ecology of the tropical rainforest, discuss the events of 1992, and the macaque problem. Eventually, we will end up at the Lower Peirce Reservoir Park where we will discuss the pros and cons of reservoir fishing. You can break out a picnic basket at that point and enjoy the rest of the evening chatting and exchanging food with old and new friends.


Relevant Links

Nature Trail

"New Nature Trail". The Straits Times, 13th November 1999. Archived at Nature-Singapore Mailing List, thanks to Victor Yue!

Speech by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Develpoment, at the launch of the National Education programme on "Singapore, our Garden City" at the Lower Peirce trail, Old Upper Thomson Road, on Friday, 12th November 1999. Archived at Nature-Singapore Mailing List, thanks to Victor Yue!

Lest we forget - Tony O'Dempsey, 15th November 1999.


Webpages featuring the trail

Lower Peirce - an easy walk in a tranquil forest by Nick Baker, Ecology Asia, 2001.

National Parks Board webpage

Lower Peirce Boardwalk by Ria Tan, 2001


Reservoir/Reservoir Park

National Heritage Board - Water Supply in Singapore
"...Officially commissioned in 1912, the Kallang River Reservoir was renamed Peirce Reservoir in 1922 after the Municipal Engineer Robert Peirce who had been in charge of its construction. It became known as Lower Peirce Reservoir when work began on an even bigger impounding reservoir in 1975.

Local catchment areas - "No place like home"

Reservoir Parks - Public Utilities Board webpage

URA site from 1996 indicating "Park Connectors are proposed to link the Ang Mo Kio Planning Area with adjacent regional parks, like ... Lower Peirce Reservoir Park via Old Upper Thomson Road along the fringe of the Water Catchment Area." (Map of area available).

Mainly sunsets at Lower Peirce by D Hawkins.



Sport Fishing at MacRitchie, Lower Peirce And Upper Seletar Reservoirs - Public Utilities Board press release, 14 December 2000.

"Fishing in our reservoirs - for better of for worse?" by N. Sivasothi, Habitatnews, December 2000.

"Fishing in three central reservoirs may have adverse ecological impact" by TANG Beng Yong, December 2000.


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