Habitatnews MR-BT Briskwalks: Sundays in June
Hike with the Habitat Group's Briskwalk Club, 6.45am - 9am
Trail Etiquette
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Trail etiquette:

  • It's a nature reserve, so please do not talk loudly; we're here for peace and quiet.
  • The nature reserves, and the organisms within are protected. You cannot take a leaf home as a souvenir - the forest needs it! Do take photographs, though!
  • When you hear the warning "jogger!" or "runners!", keep to the left immediately, and maintain a single file until they pass - this is especially important in the narrow trails.
  • If you see runners or joggers coming towards you, keep left and call out a warning to others likewise.
  • Greet fellow-trail users with a cheery "Good morning" - they won't think you are nuts; it's an accepted practise in nature areas!
  • Please keep together with others of a similar pace, especially after the first leg. Singapore is small but you can get lost in our forests!
  • If you experience any difficulty, please inform your guides immediately.
  • Watch out for cyclists crossing the foot of the pipeline, just after Rifle Range Road.