Habitatnews MR-BT Briskwalks: Sundays in June
Hike with the Habitat Group's Briskwalk Club, 6.45am - 9am
Trail Etiquette
Meeting point
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Route & Approximate timings

We will begin with a short briefing at the reservoir edge to introduce your guides, provide route information, explain safety measures and explain trail etiquette.

It's still dark during the briefing!


Route information

We will take approximately two hours to reach the summit of Bukit Timah hill:

  • I. Lornie trail - Jelutong Bridge (25-35mins);
  • II. Jelutong Bridge - Rifle Range Road (30-45 mins);
  • III. Rifle Range Road - entrance of Catchment Path (19-25mins);
  • IV. Catchment Path - Summit of Bukit Timah Hill (15-20mins).

I. Lornie trail - Jelutong Bridge (25-35mins):
We begin at the western end of the zigzag bridge. Head down Lornie Trail, which is marked as the purple and yellow/orange trail. About 30 minutes into this walk, we will reach a junction marked by a fitness area.

  • This is the point at which you will decide if the walk is too strenuous. Turning back is a simple matter of backtracking (see purrple circle on map).

From here the trail heads into the margin of the golf course, towards a road called Golf Link, with some of the loveliest views of the water. We will reach Jelutong Tower.

  • If the walk too strenuous, you can back track or use the alternative (new) route via Sime Track, Terentang Trail and then MacRitchie Nature Trail. It’s also about 5.5 km and well marked (see purple arrows on map above).

The turn off for the main group heading towards Bukit Timah is just a few steps past the tower, along the trail marked Rifle Range Link.

Sunrise over MacRitchie Reservoir & the Jelutong Tower

II. SICC --> Central Catchment Area --> Rifle Range Road (30-45 mins)
The route leads uses wel established paths through the Central Catchment Forest, and initlally is compoased of gravel-covered routes, which later become clayey and then grassy as you reach the PUB pipeline. It is generally a fairly level route except for a couple of gentle slopes that lead to the end of Rifle Range Road.

Through the catchment forest

III. Rifle Range Road --> Entrance of Catchment Path (19-25mins)
The firm surface of a metalled road provides a good grip for a gentle slope before the satellite station and the Bukit Timah Expressway. We leave the road after crossing the BKE and head towards the pipeline path.
Watch out for mountain bikers speeding downhill, usually helpfully shouting "Yahoo!" (most have no bells!) - they ride on Belukar Track which crosses the pipeline path - and they can appear out of the bushes with little warning!

You will walk along the short grass and after a second slope, you will reach the entrance of the Catchment Path, next to several circular exposed pipeline access points.

Rifle Range Road and the climb to the entrance of Catchment Path.


IV. Catchment Path --> Summit of Bukit Timah Hill (20-30 mins)

This just goes up, up, up - new concrete steps were put in (May 2002) and you have a good grip all the way up to Catchment Hut where you will begin to see many old trunks of Shorea curtisii along the path. It's not over yet though, and after a short walk past another junction, you will reach the road to the summit. Turn right and around the corner, 103 steps greet you! These will get you to the Police Repeater Station on the summit. And after a short break, we walk slowly down the steep road to the Visitor Centre. It shoud be between 9.00 - 9.30am and its a morning well spent!

Summit climb!

Catchment Path to Summit.

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