Habitatnews MR-BT Briskwalks: Sundays in June
Hike with the Habitat Group's Briskwalk Club, 6.45am - 9am
Trail Etiquette
Meeting point
Your Guides

How to prepare

Before the walk

  • Drink lots of water the night before.
  • Sleep early!
  • Take a light meal the next morning before the walk.
  • Leave the house on time in the morning - the walk begins on time!
  • Recommended packing list:
    • Enough money for breakfast and the bus fare home (and/or an EZLink card),
    • Some form of personal identification (NRIC),
    • The name of your Next of Kin and the telephone number in your wallet for us to call in case of an emergency.
    • An extra t-shirt (you'll sweat) or change (it might rain).
    • A small towel (it's so humid, sweat won't evaporate off dry fit t-shirts!)
    • Bring a snack along, if you are the sort that gets hungry easily.
    • Bring at least one litre of water along, you will need it.
    • There is always the threat of rain, so pack an umbrella, raincoat or poncho. Or at least a hat.
  • Do some light stretching and warm-up before we begin the walk and after the first leg.
  • Pay attention to the briefing!

During the walk

  • Please inform the guides immediately if you are experiencing any discomfort.
  • Remember to observe trail etiquette!

What if the pace is too fast?

If you are unable to keep up with the tail end of the main group by the time we reach the end of Lornie Trail (see purple circle on map here), the pace may be too fast for you.

Since this is just the first leg, it is important to retire at this point, when facilities are nearby. Later, as we walk deeper into the forest, it will be difficult to get out without a long detour.

The last-man-guides will advise walkers who cannot maintain the pace. These walkers can retire gracefully for an early breakfast, by walking back to MacRitchie via the nature trail. This is a well sign-posted path, so you will find your way back easily and safely. Alternatively, you can walk to the bus stop at Lornie Road and bus back to the MacRitchie carpark!

Each year the number who turn back are few in number, usually those who are attempting too much, and too suddenly. They are advised to try the MacRitchie Nature Trail for starters, and more regularly, to build up their fitness, just as some of our guides did, over time.



After the walk

  • Mop up your sweat, change into your extra t-shirt in the BTNR Visitor Centre toilets.
  • Take a long cool drink.
  • Your Sunday awaits you - it'll only be 9.30am!
  • Discover why we really get up so early in the morning! Breakfast!

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