Habitatnews MR-BT Briskwalks: Sundays in June
Hike with the Habitat Group's Briskwalk Club, 6.45am - 9am
Trail Etiquette
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Trip reports and adverts

  • Briskwalk "Trip reports," by Otterman (N. Sivasothi), 2000.
  • "MacRitchie - Bukit Timah Briskwalks 2006: 2nd walk on 18th June." Trip report in Habitatnews, 2006
  • Advertisement in Habitatnews: 2006 - 2005

Background reading

  • "Stop Feeding the Monkeys." By N. Sivasothi. Habitatnews, 07 Jun 2005.
  • "Rainforest Rojak," by Shawn Lum. Nature Watch, 5(1), Jan-Mar 1997. About plants of the MacRitchie Nature Trail. We don't see much during the briskwalk, but it's worth a revisit and a slow stroll to take in the sights and sounds.
  • Central Nature Reserve, Singapore.National Parks Board webpage introducing the reserves and describing the trails, Maps included.
  • "Don't forget the Singapore countryside," by Ho Hua Chew. The Straits Times, 31 Dec 2004. In reference to overcrowding of our reserves by recreational users, this article adverttises an alternattive, the countryside. "There are hills that are still wooded, rivers that are still unconcretised, ponds and marshes that are still unreclaimed and where the wildlife is just as interesting as in the nature reserves."