Habitatnews MR-BT Briskwalks: Sundays in June
Hike with the Habitat Group's Briskwalk Club, 6.45am - 9.30am
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The Habitat Group will be leading an energetic briskwalk from MacRitchie (MR) to the summit of Bukit Timah (BT) hill for the public in June. This programme, which began in 2000, ended in 2007 (not enough safety guides, tracks better sign-posted and trails were getting crowded)

Get some exercise amongst the ambience of the morning's fresh smells and sounds. We also get to know each other during the walk, and greet the other trail users - the usual Sunday morning 'crowd' of joggers, hikers and birdwatchers - in between huffing and puffing away!

Everyone is welcome, but you should be used to taking half hour walks at the very least, and wear a proper pair of walking shoes. The pace is fast and lasts two hours, unlike a nature observation walk which takes at least five hours!

The briskwalk programme hopes to introduce you to the joys of briskwalking in our nature reserves. Learn this significant route in the company of friendly guides and take up briskwalking on your own later and look forward to meeting each other on the trails again in future!

We hope to reach the summit of Bukit Timah hill by 10.00am, leaving you rejuvenated, with your whole Sunday still ahead of you!

For an idea of what the briskwalk is like, read the trip reports from 2000,and 2006 and view the photo galleries.

New! 2007 photo galleries!