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Breakfast after Briskwalk?
No, you are not going to lose weight this way!

The cyclists love to eat here too!

Curious, I asked one of the regulars, Poh Leng, about her caloric estimation of the meals in these photographs above. She replied:

Hi Siva,

The calorie estimates based on regular portion size (including gravy) are:

  • Nasi Lemak (450 kcal)
  • Mee Rebus (555 kcal)
  • Mee Siam (520 kcal)
  • Lontong (390 kcal)
  • Roti Prata - plain (122 kcal)
  • Plain Thosai (196 kcal)

Depending on efficiency and body size, a 70 kg man could burn ~ 5.6-7.0 kcal/minutes on 5.6 km/hour walk. I.e. up to ~ 600kcal on a 2 hour walk (for slackers).

It's not the calorie that matters, it's the quality of the food. Be "calorie aware" but do not be obsessed with calorie counting. Enjoy!

Good day,
Poh Leng

We don't usually worry too much, as you may have realised from the photo galleries!